Equipping the Body of Christ to care for families

We partner with local churches who recruit and support volunteers to serve as part of their Alongside Families ministry. Our volunteers are Christ-followers who champion family preservation through biblical hospitality.

Host Family

Host Families temporarily take in a child whose parent is walking through a difficult time and build relationship with the parent. Motivated by compassion, each Host Family is screened, trained, and approved, and serves without compensation. This role is our greatest need ongoing and is a critical need in our community.  LEARN MORE about serving as a Host Family.

Community Friends

Community Friends provide wrap-around support for parents in need and for Host Families. This can include transporting parents to an appointment or interview, transporting hosted children to school or visits, making meals, providing babysitting in the host family or parent home, meeting a mom for coffee, or offering prayer support. LEARN MORE about serving as a Community Friend.

Parent Ally

Parent Ally volunteers partner with a parent who is going through a challenging time to support them in setting and reaching their goals for family stability. Parent Allies receive support and oversight from a staff supervisor to ensure they are well-equipped in their role and that they have support connecting parents to community resources. LEARN MORE about serving as a Parent Ally.  

Family Coach

Family Coach volunteers coordinate child hostings to make sure kids are well cared for, Host Families are supported, and a good relationship is built between volunteers and parents served. Family Coaches conduct weekly home visits in Host Family homes, mentor Host Families, and handle hosting logistics. Family Coaches receive support and oversight from a staff supervisor to ensure they are well-equipped in their role. LEARN MORE about serving as a Family Coach.

Ministry Coordinator

Ministry Coordinator volunteers are the point-people at our partner churches who lead the Alongside Families ministry at that church. They recruit volunteers, ensure volunteers are supported as they serve, build awareness in the church, serve as the connection with our staff team, and ensure that church leadership stay informed about the ministry. We seek to build Ministry Teams of 2-3 Ministry Coordinators in each partner church. Fill out our volunteer interest form today to learn more.  

Support Line Volunteer

Support Line volunteers are the first point of contact for families in need who reach out to us. They listen, care, and gather information that our staff team follows up on to complete intake. We are in-process of building our Support Line Volunteer plan to launch this team in mid-2024. Please fill out our volunteer interest form to let us know you are interested in this role, and we will reach out to you soon!

Prayer Team

Prayer is vital to our ministry. We believe that prayer is the most important thing that we can do if we want to effectively love our neighbors. Our Prayer Team members are prayer warriors who cover this work in prayer. Click here to learn more and sign up for our Prayer Team!