Serving isolated families within community

Serving as a Lead Church is a life-changing ministry opportunity for families and individuals in your church. We unleash your church members to be on-mission in their own homes, building transformational relationships with struggling families and keeping kids out of the foster care system.

We connect isolated families who otherwise may never walk through the doors of your church with Christ-followers who want to impact hurting families today, for generations, and for eternity.

Lead Partner Churches build at least 1 circle of volunteers that wraps around 1 hurting family together to keep the family intact and to welcome them into community. Our staff team provides training, vetting, support, and safety oversight.

2 Ways that Lead Churches Care for Isolated Families.

Fast Facts

  • Primary reasons parents request a hosting: hospitalization, homelessness, parental overwhelm/stress, mental health challenges, domestic violence.

  • The average length of a child hosting is 20 days, but hostings typically are either under 1 week long or are 2-4 months long, depending on the reason for hosting.
  • We have reunified 100% of children with their parent(s). Many times, volunteers and families served form lasting friendships.

  • We host children ages 0-17 years old.

  • In some cases, we are able to host young adults 18-21 years old, including mothers with infants and youth who have aged out of foster care.

  • Not all situations require a hosting. Some families simply need a friend.

  • Families request help, determine the type of support that they need, and set their own goals to stabilize their family.

  • Parents do not lose custody of their children & can be reunited whenever they wish.

  • Alongside Families always defers to Child Protective Services if there is suspicion of abuse or neglect, or there is an open child welfare investigation.

Alongside Families Lead Churches commit to:

Designate Alongside Families as a ministry of your church.

Identify a volunteer leader who Alongside Families will train to head up the ministry at your church.

Recruit volunteers who will serve together as a Community Circle to wrap around a family in need.

Support: Wrap around your volunteers as they serve and welcome isolated families into your community with open arms.

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