Alongside Families SHARE churches build response teams to meet one-time, tangible needs of isolated families in a relational way. Using the CarePortal software platform, your church will connect with vulnerable families to meet needs such as:

  • Help a single mom move into her new home or provide essential repairs.
  • Provide critical items for children such as diapers, car seats, beds or clothing.
  • Help a parent with tasks like writing a resume or home organization.
  • Donate toward a critical need such as a car repair, utility bill, or apartment deposit.

Build your own SHARE ministry.

Alongside Families SHARE equips churches to be the direct, relational contact-point providing one-time tangible needs to stabilize families in need using CarePortal. CarePortal is a software platform that connects the needs of families served by Alongside Families and other family preservation organizations to local churches ready to meet those needs.

SHARE churches can meet both:

  • Needs vetted by Alongside Families & other family preservation organizations/ministries.
  • Internal church needs that your church inputs for those who attend your church.

Church debit cards:

Partner churches can elect to steward a CarePortal debit card to meet vetted financial needs input by Alongside Families such as a car repair or utility payment. The partner church receives funds donated by individuals toward the need onto their CarePortal debit card. The church will then directly meet the financial need while connecting relationally with the family in need.

How it works.

With the support of our staff team, you will launch a SHARE ministry at your church, including identifying a volunteer Point Person to run the ministry at your church, and recruiting a volunteer Response Team who we will train and equip.

Your congregants will sign up online through the CarePortal platform to receive notifications of new needs regularly. Your Response Team will go to the homes of families in need to deliver donations, help with projects, and connect relationally.

Alongside Families Equipping Churches commit to:

Designate Alongside Families SHARE as a ministry of your church.

Identify a volunteer leader who Alongside Families will train to head up the ministry at your church.

Recruit volunteers who will serve as a Response Team to deliver donations and services

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